"No matter who they are, investors want simple and specific outcomes from their financial products. I have spent twenty years speaking with clients and found four financial goals common to everyone. Whether you are a pension scheme, corporation, financial adviser or individual saver, what matters is achieving reliable fund growth, securing a reliable income stream, obtaining a return that exceeds inflation or increases the likelihood that you will meet a specific future financial liability."

Euan Munro, CEO Aviva Investors

We Are Passionate About Outcomes

At Aviva Investors we believe it is time to think differently. That's why our entire organisation is united behind one common goal - to deliver the specific investor outcomes that matter most to today's investor.

We start by listening closely to our clients and understanding their investment aspirations and concerns. We believe that by knowing what’s important to our clients enables us to provide strategies and funds that aim to cater to their real needs and build relationships for the long term.

We take a collaborative approach, acting as a single team to bring together the breadth and depth of our global resources with our local knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients. We value creativity and empower our investment teams to find and execute great ideas. In-depth research and robust risk management underpin every investment decision we make.

As investment experts, we see it as our role to not only understand our clients' desired outcomes, but to know how to best achieve them now and over the long term. That is why we are unequivocally for today's investor.

Aviva Investors is a global asset manager with expertise in real estate, fixed income, equity and multi-asset investment.

Our investment intelligence spans major markets, where we currently invest £247 billion on behalf of our clients. This gives us the size and scale to successfully seek out opportunities that will deliver specific investor outcomes.

Our investment philosophy

By listening to our clients’ aspirations and understanding the challenges they face, we aim to create the strategies and funds that focus on delivering the specific outcomes they need.

Our global business acts as one team. By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity across major asset classes, disciplines and regions globally we can look to unearth great investment opportunities for our clients.

We manage risk with discipline and rigour. By combining our extensive experience and unique insights, we reach an informed view on every decision throughout the whole investment process.

Everything we do is driven by our long-term perspective and our focus on building strategies and funds that are built to last. This ensures we develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

We promote sustainable business practices in global markets, encouraging greater transparency and better corporate governance. This helps us to reduce risk and strive to enhance the long-term value of our clients’ investments.

Our goal is to deliver the specific and meaningful outcomes that matter most to today's investor. To achieve this we are committed to managing investments according to five key pillars.

Long-term responsibility

We look to the long-term in every sense. At Aviva Investors, we’ve always believed that businesses managed in a sustainable and responsible way are far more likely to outperform over the long term. That’s why we were one of the first global fund managers to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment decision-making. We were also one of the first to express our views through the power of shareholder voting. 

By encouraging greater transparency and sustainability and better corporate governance we are helping to shape new corporate decisions that help to reduce risks for our clients. We are responsible owners who, by encouraging greater transparency and sustainability and better corporate governance, shape new corporate behaviours that help to reduce the risks for our clients. We challenge accepted practices and promote fresh debate in every industry in which we invest. In doing so, we’re creating greater shareholder value while building a genuine legacy for our customers, our communities and the planet that we all share.




We aim to adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility and as a Group we have been recognised for this. Our parent company, Aviva, is one of the top global companies listed with the FTSE4Good Index and performs well in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We are the only insurance company within the UN Global Compact 100 stock index. In 2013, we were runners up for a PwC Building Public Trust award for our approach to the transparency of our reporting.

Our strategy around the most significant issues for our business - our people, trust and transparency, environment and climate change, community development and responsible investment – are outlined in ‘Our Wider Impact Report 2013’ and in our Annual report and accounts within the Strategic Report.

Source: Aviva Investors, as at 31 December 2014


Collective Global Intelligence

Drawing on our global scale and resources, we invest to meet the ultimate needs of the investor


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Chief Executive Officer

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