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Swap Duration Risk for Credit Risk: Short-Duration High Yield Bonds (April 2014)
With so many fixed-income investors anxious to address the interest-rate risk in their portfolios, short-duration high-yield bonds, which offer an average duration of just over two years, are becoming highly sought after

Convertibles: The Final Frontier (April 2014)
Aviva Investors research demonstrates that convertibles continue to dominate the efficient frontier when it comes to portfolio construction.

The Euro Zone: Battling the Threat of Deflation (March 2014)
Is deflation coming to the euro zone?

UK Real Estate Debt Market's Recovery Continues (February 2014)
We expect real estate debt conditions to improve further, but risks remain, says Richard Levis, Global Real Estate Analyst.

Multi-Asset Solutions Outlook and Positioning (February 2014)
Global equities have been struggling since the start of the year with emerging markets hit hardest. The decline in emerging markets has not been confined to equities with bonds and currencies also under pressure - the Argentinean peso, South African rand and Turkish lira were particularly badly affected. The Turkish central bank took aggressive measures to support the lira by nearly doubling policy rates, but without much success.

Fixed Income Review and Outlook Q4 2013
2014 promises to be another tough year for international bond markets as global economic activity continues to strengthen, causing investors to question the pace at which leading central banks withdraw the unprecedented monetary stimulus of recent years.

Irish Real Estate Recovery: Strong Comeback (January 2014)
The strong recovery seen in Ireland’s commercial real estate market last year is expected to generate further momentum in 2014. The economy is set for expansion, real estate investment volumes have been strengthening and the occupier market recovery has been more robust than previously anticipated.

Tales of Technology and Imagination (January 2014)
The importance of investing in companies that have successfully embraced technology is growing, says Trevor Green, Manager of the Aviva Investors UK Opportunities Fund.

US real estate growing optimism (January 2014)
Second-tier cities look most attractive as economic and real estate conditions continue to strengthen, says Darren Sriharan, Global Real Estate Analyst.

Credit Review and Outlook 2014
2013 proved to be another favourable year for credit which displayed surprising resilience in the face of a number of sovereign issues such as the Cypriot banking crisis, Italian politics and more recently the Fed tapering and broader fscal debate in the US, just to name a few.

Global Convertables 2014 Outlook
After another highly rewarding year for convertibles investors, the bottom line looks to have changed little when we look out towards 2014. Return prospects remain solid for both long-only and absolute return convertible strategies.