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Fine Tuning Fixed  Income
Why fixed income is the engine of pensions portfolios. Pensions Week - 28 January 2013

Building Brazil
The panel discusses areas of interest for schemes, the future of infrastructure, and what factors to consider before adopting emerging markets debt.
Professional Pensions - 29 November 2012

Why RED is the new green...
Tammy McPherson, business development director at Aviva Investors, explains how trustees can secure income streams by taking a closer look at real estate debt.
Professional Pensions - 29 November 2012

Opportunities in secondary
UK secondary real estate currently looks cheap relative to prime assets. Could it deliver good returns for trustees from 2013? Phil Redding investigates.
Engaged Investor - November / December 2012

Real estate income without volatility
Lower-risk real estate can play a valuable role in improving returns and helping align scheme assets and liabilities, says Phil Redding.
Pensions Week - 19 November 2012

The Trustee Confidence Index
The trustee role is one of great responsibility and difficulty. Recent research from a partnership between Pensions Week and Aviva Investors describes what it feels like to be a trustee in these current economic times.
Pensions Week - 29 October 2012

Looking to build income
Phil Redding, managing director, Institutional Business Development, UK & Ireland, Aviva Investors, explains the role of property in providing long-term returns
Professional Pensions - 25 October 2012

Infrastructure - but not as you know it
Schemes seeking long-term, secure income streams should not overlook the attractions of two relatively unknown areas of infrastructure says Aviva Investors’ Phil Redding
Professional Pensions - 11 October 2012

Inflation: to proof or not to proof
Phil Redding talks about inflation risks and how schemes can protect themselves - September 2012

Getting to grips with fixed income markets
Engaged investor - September / October 2012

Converting the converted
Pensions Week - 3 September 2012

Q&A: Real assets and pension funds
Engaged Investor - July/August 2012

Lessons from Japan
Professional Pensions - 23 August 2012

Sun-powered pensions
Professional Pensions - 21 June 2012

Exploiting real estate opportunities
Professional Pensions - 14 June 2012

A wider search
Professional Pensions - 31 May 2012

Roundtable - Gilt yields have been severely affected by quantitative easing. What is the outlook now? 
Pensions Week - 28 May 2012

A game of three thirds: a chair must team-build, motivate and manage
Pensions Week - 21 May 2012

Ground rents - small but potent
Professional Pensions - 10 May 2012

Long-running income streams to beat the yield droughts
LAPF Investments -April 2012

Think income streams, not bonds
Professional Pensions - 26 April 2012

Harnessing alpha sources
Professional Pensions - 12 April 2012

Investors seek strong yields and lower volatility in short duration high-yield bonds
Professional Pensions - 15 March 2012